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Now, we're really pushing it. If you're looking at this page, you're much more than a casual collector, and most likely suffer from the same debilitating disease as the author of this site. Or, you're fascinated that there is actually a small group of people on this planet who actually care about this old junk!

So, whether your interested, amused, or appalled, here's a page that acts as a catch-all for Intellivision-related stuff that defies any reasonable categorization (such as hardware or software). Some of these sundries may even have (or had) some practical use, such as the storage- and controller-related items. Others are just silly.

Since I am stricken with this odd Intellivision affliction, it's actually interesting to me if you have, see, or know of any Intellivision-related items that are not mentioned here. Or, if you have information about a particular item, please let me know!

These are the things unearthed so far - though more surely exist:

Patches Intellivision patches - mostly from Activision.
Stickers Nifty little promotional stickers.
Dr. Pepper Seemingly restricted more to the northern part of the country, and Canada, Dr. Pepper had at least two tie-ins to Intellivision back in the day.
Press Releases There's been a recent flood of press release kits for Intellivision games on eBay. OK, not really a flood so much as a trickling of individual copies. But damn are they expensive! Well at least most of the winners have been gracious enough to donate scans of them. Excellent stuff!
Music-Related Items Music, album art, and general Intellivision fandom have shown up in the 'real' music world, too!
Controllers Ah, yes, the most common gripe about the Intellivision system - the controllers! Frankly, I never understood what all the fuss was about. In any case, lots of companies decided to capitalize on this popular opinion, and offered what they believed to be better alternatives to that smooth, shiny old disc.
Storage A surprising number of different storage options were made to help you keep your system and games organized. These ranged from folders with special pockets for carts, manuals, and overlays to more elegant and sophisticated furniture-like contrivances.
Print Advertisements Ahh - the trenches in which the war between the Atari 2600 and Intellivision was primarily fought.
Newsletters As this one has groused about on many occasions, my old issues of the Intellivision Game Club News, Numb Thumb News and Activisions have been lost in the great dumpster of time. So this section is at the mercy of you, o humble contributors! (Unless, of course, anyone out there wants to part with something! ;)
Dust Covers Ways to keep your Intellivision clean and free from household grime!