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  Jun. 2017:  Terribly sad news. Keith Robinson has died. Rest in Peace.
Hot news item! Sept. 2016:  At long last! LTO Flash! Is available for order and delivery Details here.
Hot news item! Aug. 2016:  Download LTO Flash! User Interface Software here!
Hot news item! Aug. 2016:  The release of LTO Flash! has been officially announced! One place to see information is here. Ordering details available in one week!
Hot news item! Jun. 2016:  Team Pixelboy announced a line of budget ColecoVision releases to help Óscar Toldedo Gutiérrez's family with some extremely difficult family medical news. nanochess is the driving force behind IntyBASIC, which has helped to usher in a new era Intellivision game development. Intellivision Revolution and Some Random Guys have announced an effort to bring the Intellivision community's support, too. See Tarzilla's post.
Hot news item! Feb. 2016:  Intellivision Productions has started selling replacement controllers and adapters! You can order here.
Hot news item! Jul. 2014:  The TOP SECRET Psychotron project has been revealed as Project L: LTO Flash! A new flash cartridge for Intellivision from Left Turn Only!
Hot news item! May 2014:  The Intellivision Flashback is available for preorder at Toys R Us! Scheduled for release on October 1, 2014.
  Aug. 2002:  The PlayCable page is up!
  Jul. 2001:  The Mattel Electronics MTE 100 Intellivision Tester!
Which feature should be added to LTO Flash! UI Software first?
   jzIntv Launcher
   CuttleCart 3 Menu Editor
   Select multiple items in menu (Windows)
   "Live" menu edits
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Software Collection

LTO Flash! User Interface Software Landing Page Download the LTO Flash! User Interface Software here, as well as links to documentation.
INTV Funhouse Game Info Page Game reviews, variants, Easter eggs and other info appear here.
2600 Connection Initial effort brings Gosub to the Intellivision!
5-11under Long-time PCB provider for many, many Intellivision games has published a game, too!
Activision Though off to a slow start for the Intellivision, a majority of their games were excellent. (7 Titles)
Atarisoft Sadly, Atarisoft didn't come on the scene until the end. All titles were well-executed ports of arcade games. (3 Titles)
Bandai Software Bandai released a subset of the original Mattel titles in Japan, as well as the console.
Blue Sky Rangers Blue Sky Rangers, Inc. has a few surprises for us!
Blah Blah Woof Woof Blah Blah Woof Woof (BBWW) Music and Media published its first title at PRGE 2015 under the ©®@P™ label.
CBS Electronics Games European-market releases of Coleco's games.
Coleco Initial offerings were substandard, but improved towards the end. All titles were ports of arcade games. (8 Titles)
Collectorvision Active homebrew publisher for several platforms entered the Intellivision market in 2014.
Côté Gamers France-based developer targeting Intellivision since 2019.
Demonstration Demonstration cartridges to entice you into buying an Intellivision system. All known demonstration cartridges were released by Mattel. (4 Versions)
Dextell After Mattel closed up shop, including their development house in France, Nice Ideas / Dextell released two titles through INTV Corp. (2 Titles)
Digiplay Digiplay/Digimed repackaged and rereleased Intellivision games from Mattel, Activision, and Imagic in Brazil. Best materials are to be found here.
Dr. Ports A secretive developer who creates well-made ports of various classic games that work surprisingly well on Intellivision!
Elektronite Founded in 2005, Elektronite's mission is to establish a thriving Intellivision cartridge market with top-notch materials and high-profile titles.
Freewheeling Games Once you compare Intellivision Desert Bus to the Atari version, you'll know which platform provides the ultimate in bus simulators!
Good Deal Games Good Deal Games / Homebrew Heaven has various Intellivision games in stock - and offers their own titles as well!
Imagic The most prolific 3rd party vendor for Intellivision. Generally produced high-quality product. Games were all original titles, but many were "inspired by" arcade games. (14 Titles)
Intelli Games Repackaged versions of various Intellivision games from Brazil.
Intelligentvision Founded in 2004, Intelligentvision's mission was to bring previously unreleased titles to cartridge format. Happily, they also brought several new original titles along the way!
Intellivision Collector Top-notch games made with all new materials, ROMs, and more! Proudly Canadian!
Intellivision, Inc. Repackaged versions of original Mattel titles.
Intellivision Revolution This revolution will be intellivised.
Interphase Small company that released a pair of games late in the game. (2 Titles)
INTV Corporation Initially released titles developed, but not shipped, by Mattel. Followed with generally impressive upgrades of sports titles, a few arcade ports, and some original games. (21 Titles)
Inty-Home Italy has its own Intellivision game publisher!
Kai Magazine Spain's very own MSX and Sega Genesis / Megadrive publisher now delivers for the Intellivision, too!
Left Turn Only Great software and hardware for the Intellivision!
Mattel Electronics Originator of the Intellivision. (61 Titles)
Parker Brothers Except for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, all of Parker Brothers' games were reasonably well-done ports of arcade games. (6 Titles)
Sears Tele-Games Sears repackaged Mattel titles and released them under the Sears Tele-Games label.
Chad Schell Creator of the IntelliCart cartridge emulator and its sequel, the CuttleCart 3.
Sega Latecomer on the Intellivision scene. One quite rare title released. (1 Title)
Test Test and diagnostic software. At least two notably different versions exist, though other variants have been found. INTV Corp. also re-released the Mattel test cartridge.
Joe Zbiciak Released the first ever Intellivision homebrew! (1 Title)
Odds & Ends Memorabilia, modern-era Intellivision software, and other miscellaneous mumbo-jumbo. Yeah, some of it's not software. Deal with it.

This listing preserves packaging variations. An exhaustive list of software (released and not) can be found in the Intellivision FAQ Cartridge List. Many fellow Intellivision fans have contributed images to this site. (Sometimes unwittingly :) Where such contributions appear, credit is given.

Hardware Collection
We had one of the earliest releases of the Intellivision consoles, an original 2609, because I remember distinctly that the picture on the box for Space Battle was wrong. I also believe that it had a blurb for U.S.A.C. Auto Racing - but that license must have fallen through. In any case, we played that Intellivision so much that by February of 1981 (we got it for Christmas in 1980) we had let the smoke out of it [1], and it stopped working.

Sadly, the replacement we got for it doesn't work any more. Currently, the sound / controller chip is in one of my Sears Super Video Arcade units. One of the I/O ports has an internal short between two pins, affecting the left controller.

I got my Intellivision System III back in 1986 or so - perhaps 1987, but lost the box and manual somewhere in my college years. I've picked up other things more recently (the last 7 years or so), and they all appear on my hardware page.

Click on this link to see my Intellivision hardware and add-ons collection.
Click on this link for my listing of Intellivision console variations.

The Overlays Thumbnail Page shows the principal Intellivision overlays in thumbnail images, with the requisite "click to enlarge" behavior. It also has links to further pages showing all the variations I have in my collection, and some that I don't.

For the bandwidth-challenged, or those who would rather just see a text list, the Overlays Table Page may be better.


[1]who let the smoke out?
In case you didn't know, all electronic devices operate using smoke. You can prove this quite simply - if you let the smoke out of any electronic device, there is an incredibly high likelihood that it will no longer work. If it does still work, then there is still enough smoke left in it for it to continue operating.