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There are still numerous games and variations missing from the collection. Of course, being a completist, it would be great to have them all—at least the "complete" games. As far as package and label variations, only when they're not too expensive, or incidental to a more interesting trade or purchase. Those would be the French Canadian boxes, the Sears and Intellivision, Inc. (white label) items, and foreign language releases like the CBS releases of the Coleco games, et. al. Even if a new home for such sundries isn' in the cards, scans and descriptions are always welcome to at least document them!

Here you'll find a loosely prioritized the list with a "Desirability Factor" (DF) to indicate which things especially coveted. Those are also in bold red text. 5 is the highest priority, 1 the lowest. The items are color coded, too.

DISCLAIMER: The contents listed here are frequently out-of-date, or subject to the whim of the collector.

If a game is listed without qualifiers, the desired commodity is the complete, functioning cart, box, instruction manual, and overlays if applicable, and, ideally, any other contents shipped with the game originally. Otherwise, the desired sub-part of the game is listed (e.g. box, overlay (# wanted) or manual).

If you have something interesting or missing from this site or list, don't hesitate to send an e-mail!

Wanted Intellivision Items
DF Item Manufacturer
5 LTO release of 4-Tris LTO
5 Sleeved French-Canadian releases Mattel
4 Memorabilia, such as: Activision patches (Atari Beamriders, horseshoe Stampede patch), shirts, catalogues, press materials, et. al. Various
4 T-Cartridges (e.g. prototypes) Mattel
3 Electric Company Math Fun ("backwards" entry) Mattel
3 Revised 1978 Demo Cart (Red) Mattel Electronics
3 International Demo Cart (Standard Box) Mattel Electronics
3 International Demo Cart (Spy box - German) Mattel Electronics
3 1982 / 1983 Demo Cart (Green) Mattel Electronics
3 System Test Cartridge (?) INTV Corp?
3 Test Cartridge variants? ????
3 Service Manual variants (Sears(?), Sylvania, 'long' and 'short' form) ????
3 Wico Command Controllers for Intellivision II (2) Wico
2 The original keyboard component + software Mattel
2 International Edition Imagic games (Microsurgeon, Dracula, Atlantis (box rev. 2A), Beauty & the Beast - mine is trashed, White Water!; Fathom variant exists, unsure about Truckin') Imagic
2 Intellivision II controllers (Complete In Box) Mattel
2 Manual for Mattel Master Component (rev. G2 and earlier) Mattel / INTV Corp.
2 Box variants for Mattel 2609 Master Component Mattel
1 Pac-Man INTV release with yellow, logo label (not sure if this really exists) INTV Corp.
1 Non-license version sports variants (Mattel) Mattel
1 White label variants Intellivision, Inc.
1 European Coleco (CBS) game variants - generally, these include English (U.K.), German, French, and Multilingual releases - see a specific game) CBS Electronics
1 Brazilian (DigiPlay / DigiMed) game variants, catalogs, etc. DigiPlay
1 Bandai (Japanese) game variants Bandai
1 PlayCable Unit (GI variant) Mattel
1 PlayCable documentation variants Mattel
1 Compro Videoplexer Compro
Wanted Atari VCS Items
DF Item Manufacturer
4 Subterranea Imagic
4 Tron Games / Joystick Boxed Set Mattel Electronics (M Network)
3 Sea Battle (CGE 2000 release) Was an Intellivision purist at the time. Intellivision Productions
3 Solar Storm box and manual Imagic
3 Wing War–does this really exist? Imagic
3 River Raid II (CIB) Activision
2 Oink! (CIB) Activision
2 Dolphin (CIB) Activision
3 Plaque Attack (CIB) Activision
2 Crackpots (CIB) Activision
2 The Activsion Decathlon (CIB) Activision
2 Pressure Cooker (CIB) Activision
2 Private Eye (CIB) Activision
2 H.E.R.O. (CIB) Activision
2 Cosmic Commuter (CIB) Activision
2 Double Dragon (cart, manual) Activision
1 Omega Race box CBS Electronics
1 Home Run box (orange) Atari
Wanted Odyssey 2 Items
4 Conquest of the World Magnavox
4 The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt Magnavox
3 Frogger Parker Brothers
3 Q*bert Parker Brothers
2 Super Cobra / Popeye (Europe variants) Parker Brothers
Wanted Colecovision Items
3 Expansion Module #1 (Atari Adapter) (CIB) Coleco
3 Bump 'n' Jump Coleco
3 Steamroller (CGE 2000 release) Was an Intellivision purist at the time. Intellivision Productions
3 Donkey Kong (box? haha) and manual Coleco
3 Illusions Coleco
3 Choplifter! Coleco
3 Galaxian Atarisoft
3 Dragonfire Imagic
3 Fathom Imagic
3 Moonsweeper Imagic
3 Wing War Imagic
3 Blockade Runner Interphase
3 Sewer Sam Interphase
3 Frogger Parker Brothers
3 Gyruss Parker Brothers
3 Q*bert Parker Brothers
3 Star Wars: The Arcade Game Parker Brothers
3 Super Cobra Parker Brothers
3 Tutankham Parker Brothers
Wanted NES Items
3 Super Pitfall Activision
3 Dig Dug II Bandai
3 Commando Capcom
3 Ultima: Warriors of Destiny (CIB) FCI
3 Defender II HAL
3 Joust HAL
3 Millipede HAL
3 Swords & Serpents Interplay
3 Boulder Dash JVC
3 Galaxian Namco
3 Donkey Kong Nintendo
3 Donkey Kong Jr. Nintendo
2 Mario Bros. (Box, Manual, et. al.) Nintendo
3 Metroid (CIB) Nintendo
3 Popeye Nintendo
3 Tetris Nintendo
3 Arkanoid Taito
3 Pac-Man Tengen
3 Ms. Pac-Man Tengen
3 Gauntlet Tengen
1 Double Dragon Tradewest
3 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game (Ubisoft) Ubisoft
3 Defender of the Crown Ultra
3 Gyruss Ultra
3 Q*bert Ultra
Wanted Atari 7800 Items
3 Commando Atari
3 Donkey Kong (Box and Manual) Atari
3 Donkey Kong Junior (Box and Manual) Atari
3 Mario Bros. (Box and Manual) Atari
3 Double Dragon Activision
3 Rampage Activision