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Follow this link for info about the review system. 1 = Terrible, 5 = Awesome!

Vaguely Tempest-like. Beamrider is a great example of the originality and quality of the Intellivision game library.

BeamriderGraphics: 4
Sound: 5
Replay Value: 4
Notes: 1- or 2-player game; Easter Egg
Screen Shots

A very dear friend of mine, now over at Raven Software, had Beamrider back in the day. I enjoyed the graphics and sound effects of this game back then, and I still do now. This is another excellent offering from Activision. In some ways, this game reminds me of Tempest (well, at least the flat level). Still, once you've seen all the different adversaries, this game can wear you down. I have not played the Atari VCS or ColecoVision versions, so I can't say how it stacks up against those. The Intellivision Rocks CD has an interesting little anecdote from the designer about how the movement of the aliens was dreamt up. Best Score: 42144 (Sector 17)

ROM No ROM variants have been identified.
Box So far, two variations have been found.
Manual Four variants have been identified.
Overlays Three different overlay variations are known to exist.
Label To date, three labels have been recorded.
Easter Eggs A title screen Easter egg exists.

A total of two Beamrider box variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Beamrider Box (Activision M-005-02) Activision M-005-02 1983   Has barcode on back
Beamrider Box (Digiplay) Digiplay N/A 1983   Digiplay logo on box; no part number or copyright apparent; TM Activision on back; trayless pocket; manual and overlays in separate slots; 'Av. Açaí' address on box

A total of four Beamrider manual variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Beamrider Manual (Activision M-005-03) Activision M-005-03 1983 U.S.A.  
Beamrider Manual (Activision EMP 005<br>RC 740) Activision EMP 005
RC 740
None   French RCA version of the manual; distributed by RCA Video Games; though it does say Made in USA by ACTIVISION-Santa Clara-California on the cover, it's unclear if that pertains to the game rather than the manual itself
Beamrider Manual (Activision) Activision N/A None   Italian version of the manual; image courtesy of Oscar G.; no part number, origin, or date are apparent
Beamrider Manual (Digiplay) Digiplay N/A None Brazil Digiplay edition; no part number or copyright apparent; Av. Açaí address on back

A total of three Beamrider overlay variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Beamrider Overlay (Activision M-005-05) Activision M-005-05 1983 U.S.A.  
Beamrider Overlay (Digiplay) Digiplay N/A None   No Activision logo or copyright
Image not available. Digiplay N/A None   With Activision logo but no copyright

A total of three Beamrider label variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Beamrider Label (Activision M-005-04) Activision M-005-04 1983    
Beamrider Label (Digiplay) Digiplay N/A None   Digiplay version; ™ upper right; game title not localized; green background label; large label, square corners
Image not available. ShockVision N/A None   Trippy ShockVision label

Title Screen Nice animated title screen. The only other Activision games to have non-default style title screens were other late offerings—River Raid and Worm Whomper.
Awaiting Deployment... The launching bay between waves was an excellent touch. I LOVE the sound effect when you launch.
Ridin' the Beams! Smooth, fast action!

Credit: Carl Mueller's post to the intvprog group on Yahoo on 2. April 2001

Left Controller: Press and hold: [6]
Right Controller: Press and hold: [8]
Press Reset
Easter Egg: Wait at the title screen for a special message. Click on the image below to download an MPEG1 movie showing the Easter Egg.

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