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The one and only game finished and released by Sega for the Intellivision!

Congo BongoGraphics: 4
Sound: 3
Replay Value: 2
Notes: 1- or 2-player game; only game released by Sega
Screen Shots

The control for this game is a bit difficult, perhaps due to the rotated perspective. The graphics in Congo Bongo are appealing, with good color and quality sprites and backgrounds, but the sound is so-so. Only two of the arcade game's four screens are reproduced here. Primate Peak is pretty accurately reproduced, but the game's boundaries aren't well tended. It's possible to jump or fall into odd places sometimes. The second and third screens, Snake Lake and Rhino Ridge, aren't represented. The Lazy Lagoon is mostly intact, with the lily pads, hippos, giant fish, and charging rhino. Bongo is snoozing, and you can give him the hot foot when you reach the other side of the river. One unique aspect of this game is the scrolling between the Primate Peak and Lazy Lagoon screens.

ROM No ROM variants have been identified.
Box No variations have been found.
Manual No variations have been found.
Overlays Custom overlays have been designed and distributed by Psycho Stormtrooper.
Label No variations have been found.
Easter Eggs No Easter Eggs have been found.

Only one version of the box has been found for Congo Bongo.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Congo Bongo Box (Sega 006-06) Sega 006-06 1983   Copyright info on back cover; amusingly, the 'Use with joystick controller' blurb and artwork from the Atari 2600 version appears on the back of the box; box opens on top

Looks like Sega was a bit lazy when proofreading the graphics for the box. The directions regarding what kind of controller to use for the Atari VCS version were left intact on the box!

Only one version of the manual has been found for Congo Bongo.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Congo Bongo Manual (Sega 7001-00606) Sega 7001-00606 None   No origin or date information on manual

Only one version of the overlay has been found for Congo Bongo.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Image not available. Psycho Stormtrooper N/A None   Custom overlay designed by Psycho Stormtrooper

Only one version of the label has been found for Congo Bongo.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Congo Bongo Label (Sega 006-06) Sega 006-06 1983 Singapore Imagic-style case and label; nice replica of front cover of the box artwork

Title Screen A colorful, but still plain, title screen.
What's that Delinquent Ape Up To Now? Including the introductory skit is a nice touch.
Ow! Fire! Fire! Fire! What a way to wake up!
Primate Peak Graphics aren't bad, but the collision detection seems weak. You can also wander offscreen in a couple of places and get permanently stuck.
Scrolling Between Levels The scrolling effect between screens is slick.
Hitchin' a Ride Across the Lazy Lagoon Nice job on the hippos. But again, the perspective and seemingly poor collision detection make it tougher than it should be.
Stand on a Fish? Then Dodge a Rhino! For some reason, I find this last stage pretty difficult.
Give that Bongo the Hot Foot! What a pyro!
A Job Well-Rewarded. Now Do It Again! Oh, goody! You get to do it all over again!

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