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It's (Word Fun)++. Slightly changed version of Word Fun with one new game.

Learning Fun IIGraphics: 3
Sound: 2
Replay Value: 2
Notes: 1- or 2-player game
Screen Shots

The bookend to Learning Fun I, Learning Fun II is the INTV Corp. remake of Word Fun. This cartridge adds a pretty title screen and one new game to the three already offered by Word Fun.

Although the basic gameplay of the Word Hunt, Word Rockets and Crosswords games appears unchanged from the original Word Fun cartridge, the graphics were enhanced. According to the official site, a bug was introduced in the Crosswords game that resulted in the computer only choosing words starting with letters A-T instead of A-Z. The new game added to the mix is Memory Fun - your basic 'Memory' style game where you turn over pairs of tiles to find matches. Another grand edutainment game. No wonder they made so many. ;-)

ROM No ROM variants have been identified.
Box No variations have been found.
Manual No variations have been found.
Overlays Custom overlays have been designed and distributed by Psycho Stormtrooper.
Label No variations have been found.
Easter Eggs No Easter Eggs have been found.

Only one version of the box has been found for Learning Fun II.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Learning Fun II Box (INTV Corporation 9006) INTV Corporation 9006 None   UPC barcode and game title on bottom; no origin or copyright date

Only one version of the manual has been found for Learning Fun II.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Learning Fun II Manual (INTV Corporation 9002) INTV Corporation 9002 None   NOTE: the part number is incorrect—it should be 9006; accordion-style folding

A total of two Learning Fun II overlay variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Image not available. Psycho Stormtrooper 9006-W None   Custom overlay designed by Psycho Stormtrooper
Learning Fun II Overlay (Intellivision Productions) Intellivision Productions N/A None   Part of the Supplemental Overlay Pack for Intellivision Flashback; reissue of the Orphan Overlay by Psycho Stormtrooper; note the addition of the Intellivision Productions copyright and modified Psycho Stormtrooper logo

Only one version of the label has been found for Learning Fun II.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Learning Fun II Label (INTV Corporation) INTV Corporation N/A None   Large label, square corners; game title in large bold font

Title Screen Pretty title screen, following the same theme as that of Learning Fun I.
Select Game Game selection screen.
Word Rockets Title Screen Title screen for Word Rockets,
Word Rockets Word Rockets, slightly re-worked from its original appearance in Word Fun.
Word Hunt Title Screen Word Hunt title screen.
Word Hunt Graphics for Word Hunt were made a bit nicer, compared to Word Fun.
Crosswords Title Screen Crosswords title screen.
Crosswords Guess lower-case letters were more popular in the late 80's.
Memory Fun Title Screen Title screen for Memory Fun, the new game that tagged along with the other Word Fun games.
Memory Fun A simple memory game. Find matching pairs of letters.

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