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Inaugural offering from Intelligentvision. Excellent Arkanoid-inspired game.

StonixGraphics: 5
Sound: 4
Replay Value: 4
Notes: 1- or 2-player game
Screen Shots

If you like Arkanoid, you should enjoy Stonix immensely! This game has the proud distinction of being the first game published by Intelligentvision, and it's an outstanding first offering. The animations are smooth, and the graphics and colors quite pleasing. It's got virtually everything you'd expect in Arkanoid—as well as a few things from Arkanoid 2. The one element I've not located yet is an 'instant win' for the level, though that may be by design.

Although there are not too many sound effects in this game, the sound effects are solid and precise. You get the feeling that they are just ... right. The intro music and other snippets are executed quite well. Perhaps I'm displaying my ignorance here, but when I first heard the music, it reminded me of something I'd hear on an NES!

Naturally, the first reaction many will have when learning that a game that relies on a paddle has arrived on the Intellivision will be ... confusion. Just how the heck are you supposed to control your 'ship'? Well, this problem has been solved most cleverly! The 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions move your platform at 'normal' speed. The 2 o'clock and 11 o'clock positions move it faster, while the 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock positions provide more detailed control at lower speeds.

In addition to outstanding gameplay, this game offers a first for the Intellivision: passwords! Each 'stage' in the game includes five 'levels'. After each stage, you gain a password, so that the next time you fire up Stonix, you can supply the password and jump immediately to that stage in the game. Similarly, when your game ends, you can immediately continue from the same stage in your next game.

The level design (by David Harley, Heather Harley & Arnauld Chevallier) has proven to be dead-on. You will get a wonderful mixture of challenging boards requiring different strategies as well as tactics. And best of all, some of the levels are special treats, built from famous Intellivision characters like the BurgerTime baddies.

As an "after-market" game, people will undoubtedly be eager to know about the quality of the product's packaging in addition to the game. This is certainly top-shelf the whole way! The cartridge case is a traditional Mattel case, which are the only ones cheaply and abundantly available. The label is nicely done, with the Stonix logo gracing it. The manual's print quality is crisp and pleasing, with a nice gloss to give you that warm fuzzy brand-spankin'-new excitement.

Now, for most of us who are familiar with the "homebrew" scene on other platforms, that about ends it. Not So!!! Any Intellivision game really needs overlays to be complete. Roger Matthews, creator of those oh-so-desirable 'Orphan Overlays', has lent his expertise here, so you get not only beautifully rendered, but professionally produced overlays with this game.

This leads, naturally, to the pièce de résistance—the box. Not only does Stonix come shipped to you in a box... It's a beautiful box that will fit perfectly with your other Intellivision games! It follows the same form factor as the later release by Mattel, and the INTV Corp. / Intellivision, Inc. packages.

Note: Game screenshots provided courtesy of Intelligentvision.

ROM No ROM variants have been identified.
Box No variations have been found.
Manual No variations have been found.
Overlays No variations have been found.
Label No variations have been found.
Easter Eggs The standard ROMCart self-test Easter Egg exists. Presence of others not yet determined.

Only one version of the box has been found for Stonix.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Stonix Box (Intelligentvision 9112-2004) Intelligentvision 9112-2004 2004 U.S.A. Each box is individually numbered, via a sticker on the back; production run limited to 250; includes credits on back; opens on bottom flap, cartridge slot centered

Only one version of the manual has been found for Stonix.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Stonix Manual (Intelligentvision Rev. L 9112-2004) Intelligentvision Rev. L 9112-2004 2004   High-gloss full-color manual; previous revisions were pre-production versions

Only one version of the overlay has been found for Stonix.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Stonix Overlay (Intelligentvision 9112) Intelligentvision 9112 None   Overlay design by Roger Matthews; materials and gloss much like the Mattel overlays, though a bit thinner

Only one version of the label has been found for Stonix.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Stonix Label (Intelligentvision) Intelligentvision N/A None   Blue background, black Stonix logo; no origin, copyright, or part number

Nifty Fade-In A nicely rendered presentation screen hints of the treats to come.
Main Title Screen At the main title screen, you can enter a password (an Intellivision first), start a new game, or view credits for the game.
Player Selection Simple enough—select the number of players.
Stage 01, First Level The action begins at Stage 1, Level 1. As you progress, you will be treated to many interesting and challenging levels.

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