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Follow this link for info about the review system. 1 = Terrible, 5 = Awesome!

Huh? Oh my, that's not what I thought this game was at all.

ZaxxonGraphics: 1
Sound: 1
Replay Value: 1
Notes: 1-player game. Pitiful.
Screen Shots

I rue the day I got this game. Pitiful. I loved the real Zaxxon. This is no Zaxxon. They didn't even get the rocket on the correct side! We all know the Intellivision is capable of much more. Look at Safecracker by Imagic! Space Raid by CollectorVision proves that this could have been done better.

ROM ShockVision title screen hack confirmed.
Box So far, seven variations have been found.
Manual Seven variants have been identified.
Overlays Custom overlays have been designed and distributed by Psycho Stormtrooper.
Label To date, eight labels have been recorded.
Easter Eggs No Easter Eggs have been found.

A total of seven Zaxxon box variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Zaxxon Box (Coleco 2487) Coleco 2487 1983 U.S.A. Has artwork next to picture of arcade machine; standard 'Intellivision® or Intellivision® II' banner; small top flaps have proof of purchase w/ part number on one and date of manufacture on the other; has barcode on back
Image not available. Coleco R????? 1983 Canada French-Canadian release
Zaxxon Box (CBS Electronics 60.243503.70) CBS Electronics 60.243503.70 1983 Holland International Edition; there are several part numbers on the box in addition to the one listed on the tab on the top flap: ICI 243503 and 7627-3R1 appear on back and sides above and below the CBS Electronics logo—these may be part numbers for the game; 3P4016 appears on the tab on the bottom flap
Zaxxon Box (CBS Electronics 7627-3A) CBS Electronics 7627-3A 1982 Holland English (U.K.) version; printed in Holland; part number on back; bottom flap includes additional part number 3P3864 on main tab
Image not available. CBS Electronics N/A None   English (U.K.) version; discovered by Spadafermo51; cover art looks like the CBS Electronics version of the Atari VCS version; need confirmation of part number and other info
Zaxxon Box (CBS Electronics 7627-3 D) CBS Electronics 7627-3 D 1983 Holland German version; part number on back; includes additional part number 3P4014 on main tab of bottom flap
Zaxxon Box (CBS Electronics 7627-3 F) CBS Electronics 7627-3 F 1983 Holland French version; lists fabricated in United Kingdom, printed in Holland; part number on bottom edge of spine (left, looking at front of box); top flap also includes additional part number 3P4015 on main tab

The ShockVision cartridges have what appears to be a title screen hack version of the game. It is unclear if any other changes were made.

A total of seven Zaxxon manual variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Zaxxon Manual (Coleco 78141) Coleco 78141 1983 U.S.A.  
Image not available. Coleco ????? 1983 Canada French-Canadian
Zaxxon Manual (CBS Electronics 2L2068<br>60.243503.71) CBS Electronics 2L2068
1983   International Edition; languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish; no origin printed on manual; a second part number appears on the manual as well: 60.243503.71
Zaxxon Manual (CBS Electronics 2L 1940) CBS Electronics 2L 1940 1983   English (U.K.) edition; blue monochrome
Zaxxon Manual (CBS Electronics) CBS Electronics N/A 2000 England English; Tele-Games ships a modified version of the original U.K. manual; lists both English and U.S.A. addresses on the back
Zaxxon Manual (CBS Electronics 2L 1941) CBS Electronics 2L 1941 1983   German; no origin printed on manual
Zaxxon Manual (CBS Electronics 2L 1942) CBS Electronics 2L 1942 1983 United Kingdom French edition; blue monochrome

A total of two Zaxxon overlay variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Zaxxon Overlay (Coleco) Coleco N/A None   Custom overlay designed by Psycho Stormtrooper
Zaxxon Overlay (Reaper 7627-3A) Reaper 7627-3A None   Part of the CBS Overlay Pack (2017)

A total of eight Zaxxon label variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
Zaxxon Label (Coleco) Coleco N/A 1982 U.S.A. Standard black label; game logo right side up on edge; word wraps: of, Enter-, of, a, Printed, 1983, York
Image not available. Coleco N/A 1982 Canada French-Canadian (French)
Image not available. Coleco N/A 1982 Canada French-Canadian (English)
Zaxxon Label (CBS Electronics 4L2107<br>CI243503) CBS Electronics 4L2107
1983 England English text on label; has additional "International Edition" part number
Zaxxon Label (CBS Electronics 4L2108) CBS Electronics 4L2108 1983 England English label
Zaxxon Label (CBS Electronics 4L2109) CBS Electronics 4L2109 1983   German label
Zaxxon Label (CBS Electronics 4L 2110) CBS Electronics 4L 2110 1983 United Kingdom French label
Image not available. ShockVision N/A 1982   Trippy ShockVision label

Title Screen Title screen for Zaxxon.
Shooting at Junk In trading the three-quarters perspective for a directly-behind one, the very core of the Zaxxon experience was compromised.
Some Kind of Fighters?The Zaxxon Robot? Difficult to tell what's what here.

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